Ukrpatent Is, Amazingly, Still Operating

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As news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine happened last week, the Ukraine State Intellectual Property Institute, or Ukrpatent, announced that it is, in fact, still operating on full-time “providing all the necessary functions and continuous operation of the state system of legal protection of intellectual property.” The Ukrpatent office is located in downtown Kyiv, and it’s not clear if the office has been damaged or not from the bombing by Russian forces. However, as for now, the staff is still carrying on with the regular I.P. business for Ukraine.

The Director General, Andrew Kudin, concluded the press release with, “We believe in a bright, free and peaceful future for Ukraine . . . With respect and faith in victory.”

Yonaxis I.P. Law Group remains committed to helping our Ukrainian I.P. colleagues and hope for peace in Ukraine. We will continue to update any changes as to the status of Ukrpatent on the blog.