USPTO Terminating Agreement with Rospatent

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Just as the war in Ukraine resulting from Russia’s invasion has passed 100 days, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced it will terminate its agreement with its Russian counterpart, the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property, ​Patents and Trademarks (aka Rospatent), effective December 1, 2022. Rospatent will no longer function as either …

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Fed Circuit Watch: Written Description From Earlier-Filed PCT with Species Claim Sufficient Support for Later-Filed Genus Claim

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On March 14, 2018, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled on Hologic, Inc. v. Smith & Nephew, Inc.,[1] which deals with many areas in patents, including foreign applications, priority claims, 35 U.S.C. §103, 35 U.S.C. §112, and pre-AIA treatment for examination.  This case was heard before a panel composing of Judges Newman, …

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IP Practicum: Failure to Check Box on USPTO Form Can Affect Patent Term

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On February 6, 2018, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled in Actelion Pharm., Ltd. v. Matal.[1]  This case deals with the sometimes mundane aspects of filling out the proper forms required for filing with the USPTO, and failure to do so can have major impacts downstream during and post-prosecution. The facts of …

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