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U.S. Patent No. D860,395 S (‘395) issued on September 17, 2019, for “Faucet.”  It was issued to inventors Michael Seum of Dusseldorf, Germany and Jacob Nitz of Brooklyn, New York.  The applicant/assignee is Grohe AG of Hemer, Germany.  This patent is a design patent under 35 U.S.C. §171, which protects the ornamental features of an article of manufacture.  The ornamental features cover the design of the faucet.

Figure 1 below illustrates the ornamental features of the faucet.

Source: U.S. Patent No. D860,395 S, Sept. 17, 2019, to Michael Seum & Jacob Nitz (inventors); Grohe AG (applicant/assignee)

Under 35 U.S.C. §173, the ‘395 patent, like all design patents, has a patent term of 15 years, and expires on September 17, 2034 (MPEP 1505).

The Cooperative Patent Classifications are F16K, valves, taps, cocks, actuating-floats, namely, operating means with handles (31/60) for pivoting levers (31/602) for single-handle mixing valves (31/605) characterized by particular material or aesthetical effects (31/607); and E03C, domestic plumbing installations for fresh water or waste water, namely, constructional or functional features of the faucet handle (1/0412) and water-basin installations specially adapted to wash-basins or baths with shower handles (1/0409).

Grohe is a major home appliance manufacturer which focuses on the high-end home market, so the design fits with its product lines.  In 2012, in line with its high-end image, Grohe moved its U.S. headquarters to New York City, after opening a store on fashionable Fifth Avenue.  While it may just look like any regular faucet, the ‘395 patent represents Grohe’s IP investment into the aesthetics of its product lines.  Please contact Yonaxis for more information on design patents, or patents in general, if you have any questions.

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