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Every tech company requires a specialized in-house legal team devoted to intellectual property-related affairs, but many times, there is no one in a newly founded company or start-up with this particular skill set. It is even more difficult to create entire intellectual property processes from scratch. In addition, once these processes are implemented, there is no one at the company with the ability to fine-tune the processes. Even established companies with existing IP teams and processes already in place need to have their processes critically analyzed by an objective independent party and updated from time to time.

This is where Yonaxis, LLC, can assist tech companies with their in-house IP needs -

where IP and tech intersect.

Note that Yonaxis, LLC, is not a law firm with the massive billable requirements. Although a tech company must always consider a law firm as part of the overall IP management, a tech company, especially a start-up with limited resources, can utilize many non-attorney level services that Yonaxis, LLC, offers for a much more reasonable price.

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