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Yonaxis, LLC, provides a plethora of intellectual property-related services, including patent and trademark management, consulting, processes, and systems. Yonaxis, LLC, specializes in the design and implementation of individualized specifications for patent, trademark, and copyright internal procedures, creation of internal patent and trademark processes, docketing management, efficiency analyses, and development of intellectual property systems.

Specifically, Yonaxis, LLC, can provide services related to the following:


  • Design and implement in-house patent processes, including:
    • Patent harvesting processes
    • Patent incentive programs
    • Patent management processes
    • Foreign filing management
  • Design customized patent portfolio strategies
  • Conduct patent searches, patent mapping, or patent analytics for competitive intelligence purposes
  • Assist with patent foreign filing management, including reporting with foreign associates and filing of foreign patent applications
  • Conduct patent valuation reports


  • Design and implement in-house trademark processes, including:
    • Trademark management
    • Foreign filing management
    • Clearance
    • Policing
    • Brand protection
    • Post-registration processes
  • Conduct watch notices and trademark policing
  • Conduct trademark search and clearance reports
  • Prepare filing and prosecution of trademark applications through registration
  • Assist with specimen gathering and filings of use, renewal, or incontestability declarations
  • Conduct trademark valuation reports


  • Identify proprietary source code and prepare filings for copyright registration
  • Monitor use and conduct policing for copyright infringement


  • Review and prepare RFPs for new docketing system and lead implementation of docketing system into in-house IT network
  • Analyze data for docketing efficiency
  • Develop queries or code for docketing purposes
  • Assist with docketing issues, including overflow work or analysis of in-house docketing processes
  • Create docketing guidelines to assist in-house staff

Systems & Software

Review and implement new IP systems, including:
  • File management
  • Annuity management
  • Prosecution tracking
  • Patent mapping
  • Sequence listing preparation
  • Patent term adjustment calculation
  • Portfolio management


Training for in-house staff on:
  • Patent prosecution
  • Trademark prosecution
  • Copyright prosecution
  • Docketing
  • IP systems/processes
  • Patent term adjustment
  • Sequence listing preparation

Trade Secrets & Know-how

  • Assess property for know-how evaluation and prepare guidelines for commercialization
  • Advise on potential trade secrets and outline guidelines for in-house protection
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